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Intended for UK healthcare professionals

It’s just like Clenil®, with one notable difference.

What is Soprobec®?

Soprobec contains beclometasone dipropionate in a pressurised inhalation solution.


Maintenance treatment of asthma when the use of pressurised metered dose inhaler is appropriate. See SmPC for full details.


Starting dose should be adjusted to severity of disease, then adjusted until control is achieved, then titrated to lowest dose at which effective asthma control is maintained.

Adults (including the elderly): Usual starting dose is 200 mcg twice daily. In severe cases this may be increased up to 600-800 mcg daily. (Soprobec 250 mcg only: usually 1000 mcg daily, which may be increased to 2000 mcg daily). Dose may be reduced when the patient’s asthma has stabilised. Total daily dose should be administered as 2-4 divided doses.

Children: Usual starting dose is 100 mcg twice daily. Depending on asthma severity, this may be increased up to 400 mcg administered in in 2-4 divided doses. Soprobec 200 mcg and 250 mcg are not recommended for children.

The VolumaticTM spacer device must always be used for:

  • Patients aged 16 years and older taking total daily doses of 1000 mcg or more
  • Patients aged 15 years and under taking any Soprobec dose

Soprobec demonstration video

Use to facilitate Soprobec device training. Can also be accessed by patients prescribed Soprobec from the patient website.

Soprobec 200 mcg inhaler information Click to view latest direct healthcare professional communication (DHPC).

Soprobec comes in four strengths:50 mcg, 100 mcg, 200 mcg and 250 mcg

Why choose Soprobec?

It’s just like Clenil®3

An equivalent user experience to Clenil®2-5

  • The same dosage range2-4
  • The same active component2-4
  • Pharmaceutical equivalence with Clenil® preparations3
  • Compatible with VolumaticTM spacer2

Soprobec inhalers have equivalent design and functioning to Clenil® Modulite® with equivalence in specifications for:3,5

  • Metered valves
  • Appearance and measurements of primary packing material

…with one notable difference

Soprobec acquisition cost

The cost of Soprobec is 25% lower than
the equivalent Clenil® pack and strength.1

What could this cost saving representfor you?

Think Soprobec for all pMDI beclometasone dipropionate prescriptions

Prescribe Soprobec by brand to ensure:

Your patients get the device prescribed

You get the full cost savings for your practice

Your health economy gets the full cost savings

Support for HCPs and payers

Glenmark can provide financial savings estimates for your local health economy.
To find out how much your health authority could save, click on the link below to arrange an appointment.

Inspired thinking by Glenmark Respiratory

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The Glenmark planned approach –
commitment to supply readiness

We are committed to ensuring Soprobec is available
to order from the moment usage is agreed:

LHE agrees to move from Clenil® to Soprobec

Glenmark head office informed by representative

Glenmark head office alerts wholesalers

Wholesalers ensure they stock sufficient supply of Soprobec for LHE

Soprobec supply -ready to meet your needs

Support for patients

When you prescribe Soprobec by brand, your patients have access to clear information and support to ensure they take their medication correctly.

Glenmark Respiratory offers additional asthma support materials. Click here to download our patient guide on managing asthma during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The patient tear-off pad allows healthcare professionals to give patients a sheet with information about Soprobec and how to use their inhaler. Click here to download

The Soprobec dedicated patient website containsinformation and support for patients who have been prescribed Soprobec, with guidance on how to use their inhaler, FAQs and links to trusted websites.Click here to view.

The Soprobec dedicated patient website contains information and support for patients who have been prescribed Soprobec, with guidance on how to use their inhaler, FAQs and links to trusted websites. Click here to view.